Micro Unattended Aerial Sensor (MUAS) with modular, removable payload pod for either electro-optical or thermal imager cameras. Minimal acoustic and visible signature. Hand launchable.

Towhawk Image


A SUAS-based Electro-Optical Imaging Payload with on-board cognitive processing enabling real-time dismount detection, tracking, and geo-location. Capable of integration with Leviathan and similar UAVs.

Hawkeye Top View

PMTV Thermal Imager

Personal Miniature Thermal Viewer with snapshot and video capabilities. No thermal stabilization required and operates without re-calibration. Also features shutterless operation with instant-on, low power, and small size. Configurable mounting for weapon sights, unmanned vehicles, and helmet.

PMTV picture

Cognitive Processing

Adaptive saliency and neuromorphic attention and recognition algorithms.

Cognitive Video Recognition Frame

VAULT 1TB Secure USB Drive

VAULT-MM 1TB secure thumb drive. High density packaging and customized security algorithm and protocols to secure data at rest.

VAULT Thumb Drive Image

SWIR Camera Technology

Resolutions up to 1280x1024 with 60Hz frame rate. Miniature Thermal Imager (MTI) products feature low power design, shutterless operation, instant-on, Cameralink output, RS170 output, and image capture.

SWIR image

AMF-CSV3 Medical Implantable Stack

Miniature stacks for injectable medical use.

Medical Implant Stack

CLARLENS Electronic Eyewear Design

Compact, high-density, low-power electronics for eyewear and other space-constrained applications. Includes system design, component reduction, component selection, electro-mechanical integration, and optimized firmware required for ultra-low power applications.

Electronic Eyewear