Irvine Sensors Secure Memory Products division focuses on design and development of products to meet demanding security minded applications. Research includes protecting data at rest, anti-tamper, zeroization, and developing counter-measures.

Irvine Sensors SEAOS® secure SSD's are currently available in a mSATA form factor with 64GB density. What makes the ISC SSD unique is the capability to erase all SSD contents with full readback verification, assuring the user SSD data has been deleted. Every data cell in the NAND flash is erased and verified, including over-provisioning areas, hidden blocks, bad blocks, spare areas, etc. This is accomplished with unique, low-level, NAND flash management and SEAOS® which bypasses the address remapping and translation performed by the SSD controller in order to ensure no data is left behind. An erase can be triggered via software or hardware. To validate purge algorithms Irvine Sensors has developed extensive capabilities for analyzing NAND flash devices used in SSD products.

The VAULT USB thumb drive product was developed to address security of data at rest. A complete ecosystem, including a PCIe adapter card, was developed to perform device handshaking, authentication, and validation for end-to-end security. Internal circuitry within VAULT provides tamper detection and response for events such as enclosure tampering, out-of-bound temperature, time expiration, and invalid USB access attempts. Using UASP protocol with a USB 3.0 connection transfer rates up to 320MB/sec are possible.

Coupled with Irvine Sensor's stacking capabilities, robust anti-tamper modules can be designed with various characteristics and customized per application requirements. Examples include: internal and external mesh protection, elimination of external probing by integrating critical IC's, countermeasure DPA with internal power regulation and smoothing as well as randomizing current profiles, internal zeroization circuitry, and reduction of EMI signatures.



  • 64GB capacity (current), up to 512GB (planned)
  • Hardware trigger input
  • Full data purge
  • Configurable purge sequences
  • Internal SEAOS® operating system


  • 512GB and 1TB capacities (Engineering Samples)
  • AES-256 encryption protects data at rest
  • Lockdown mode
  • Data expiration date capable
  • High speed USB 3.0 interface

SAILS Memory Module

  • 3D stacked module (application specific)
  • Secure Supervisor
  • Volatile and non-imprinting key storage
  • Temperature rate of change and limit detection
  • Internal mesh sensors
  • 16MB non-volatile SRAM with instant erase

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