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Irvine Sensors Corporation is headquartered in Costa Mesa, California at 3000 Airway Avenue. The Costa Mesa facility occupies over 23,000 square feet of laboratory, production, management, and administrative space. Irvine Sensors Corporation has about 40 employees, out of which more than 27 are technical personnel. Development engineering occupies 63 percent of the facility.

Irvine Sensors Corporation utilizes a variety of equipment for its development activities, manufacturing of products, and contract hardware. All activities related to producing products are managed under an ISO-9001:2008 Quality Management program. These facilities meet environmental laws and regulations of Federal, California, and Local Governments for airborne emissions, waterborne effluents, external radiation levels, outdoor noise, solid and bulk waste disposal practices, and handling and storage of toxic and hazardous materials.

Irvine Sensors Corporate and AI / Software, Electronic Electro-optics, Test, and Development Facilities

Modern Class1000 clean rooms, house the equipment necessary to perform thin-film metalization, photo-lithography, dry (plasma etching, plasma ashing) and wet chemical processes at wafer or multi-chip levels. Highly filtered gas and water distribution are used to ensure process reproducibility and dependability in the production. In-house inspection capabilities include many inspection and measurement microscopes, profilometers, wafer and stack test stations, temperature cycling and burn-in chambers. Certified laboratories are used to perform qualification testing, related inspections, and failure analysis.

Irvine Sensors Corporation's Clean Rooms Facilities

Complete infrastructure is in place for supporting high volume manufacturing, including cost reporting, MRP systems for part tracking, ISO 9001 approved quality systems and an integrated product team for efficient and effective program monitoring and tracking.

Irvine Sensors Corporation's Manufacturing Facilities

Irvine Sensors Corporation has unique capabilities in low power, mixed-mode IC design, electro optic design, and electronics design and test development. Irvine Sensors Corporation uses a variety of computer software packages, including AutoCAD, SolidWorks, MathCad, Mat Lab, Comsol, FEMA-Ansys, Mentor Graphics, Pads, OrCAD, Cadence, LabView, VisualStudio, Accel, Adveda, Corelis, Ultra Cad, and full mixed-mode simulation using HSPICE and LSIM. Irvine Sensors Corporation has several laboratories for development and testing of electro optics, electronics, acoustics, and cryogenic systems. These labs are equipped with optical benches, lasers, spectrum analyzers, audio analyzers, oscilloscopes, signal generators, probe stations, and a variety of other analog and digital test equipment.

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