Video analytics using cognitive processing for target classification and event detection providing real-time, environment aware ALERTs, enhancing security awareness and response.

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Hyper Aware Logic(HAL) aims to provide a conscious sense of self and the environment to provide next generation machines with a new level of understanding.

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Eye-safe Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) system serving three dimensional data for autonomous navigation, situational awareness, and surveillance.

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Secure Memory

Equally important as data protection is data destruction. The SEAOS® SSD supports verifiable purge algorithms and purge assurance.

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3D Stack

3D Stacking

Complete design and fabrication services to create small scale, highly integrated, systems-in-a-cube comprising heterogeneous integrated circuits and discretes.

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Sensor ASIC

Supporting Micro Electro-Mechanical (MEM) development with a programmable Universal Capacitive Readout (UCR) chip available in die and packaged form.

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Eye safe light detection and ranging.

ISC's LIDAR system uses an eye-safe, 1550nm laser with custom beam-forming lenses. A 100 pixel detector array provides a large instantaneous field-of-view (IFOV) and high fill factor. With a cylindrical form factor 10cm high by 12cm diameter, weight less than 1.2kg, and power less than 45W, the compact 3D-AWARE is capable of providing a 360° x 30° field-of-view, achieving a frame rate of 10fps.

Production LIDAR image

3D Die Stacking. System miniaturization and enhanced interconnectivity.

Stacked Read-Out ICs (ROIC) orthogonally bonded to focal planes achieving levels of capacitance, speed, and integration not obtainable in 2D. Stacked memory devices reduce board real-estate, improve electrical performance, and can integrate features such as anti-tamper. ISC's stacking capabilities include thinning, dicing, redistribution, wire-bonding, and flip-chip.

3D Stacks Image

Next-gen 3D-AWARE. Sensor fusion with intelligence.

Imagine a vision system combining a visible sensor with 1550nm LIDAR data and back-end data fusion. Now add cognitive inspired vision processing using ISC's ALERT® technology to produce a system capable of target/event identification and classification in 3D.

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