Video analytics using cognitive processing for target classification and event detection providing real-time, environment aware ALERTs, enhancing security awareness and response.

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Hyper Aware Logic(HAL) aims to provide a conscious sense of self and the environment to provide next generation machines with a new level of understanding.

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Eye-safe Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) system serving three dimensional data for autonomous navigation, situational awareness, and surveillance.

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Secure Memory

Equally important as data protection is data destruction. The SEAOS® SSD supports verifiable purge algorithms and purge assurance.

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3D Stack

3D Stacking

Complete design and fabrication services to create small scale, highly integrated, systems-in-a-cube comprising heterogeneous integrated circuits and discretes.

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Sensor ASIC

Supporting Micro Electro-Mechanical (MEM) development with a programmable Universal Capacitive Readout (UCR) chip available in die and packaged form.

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NVIDIA Metropolis Partner

Irvine Sensors is proud to join NVIDIA's Metropolis Software Partner Program. Irvine Sensors ALERT product uses the latest NVIDIA GPUs to provide advanced video analytics for today's increasingly complex threat landscape. The latest deep learning techniques address challenging tasks such as tracking bags left behind in transit and public safety applications.

Metropolis Program

Eye safe light detection and ranging.

ISC's LIDAR system uses an eye-safe, 1550nm laser with custom beam-forming optics. A 100 pixel detector array provides a large, instantaneous field-of-view (IFOV) and high fill factor. With a cylindrical form factor of 10cm high by 12cm diameter, weight less than 1.2kg, and power less than 45W, the compact 3D-AWARE is capable of providing a 360° x 30° field-of-view, achieving a frame rate of 10fps.

Production LIDAR image

Next-gen 3D-AWARE. Sensor fusion with intelligence.

Imagine a vision system combining a visible sensor with 1550nm LIDAR data and back-end data fusion. Now add cognitive inspired vision processing using ISC's ALERT® technology to produce a system capable of target/event identification and classification in 3D.

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3D Die Stacking. System miniaturization and enhanced interconnectivity.

Stacked Read-Out ICs (ROIC) orthogonally bonded to focal planes achieving levels of capacitance, speed, and integration not obtainable in 2D. Stacked memory devices reduce board real-estate, improve electrical performance, and can integrate features such as anti-tamper. ISC's stacking capabilities include thinning, dicing, redistribution, wire-bonding, and flip-chip.

3D Stacks Image

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